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November 19, 2012

Middle Earth Musings: Legos and Listening

by Wonder Mom

Hello Peeps!

I PROMISE I have not forgotten about y’all- life has just been a tad busy.

I am SO SORRY I have not finished up my “Middle Earth Musings” posts, but with the movie QUICKLY approaching, I wanted to make certain to get them all done…

In the last post, I teased about giving some info about a lesson with Dwarf Runes.

Well, I need to tease you a little bit longer.

I will get to that post soon- I PROMISE!

In today’s post, I would like to show you what my kiddos like to do when I read aloud from The Hobbit

They create characters with their Legos.

My Little Wild Man decided to fashion up Smaug the Dragon while we were reading through Chapters 12 and 13 of The Hobbit.

He and his sister also created…

…Smaug’s lair.

I find that in a read aloud as detailed as The Hobbit, my kiddos need to do something while I am reading to keep them focused on the story.  Creating images with their Legos is a popular option for all of them, but they also enjoy…

…illustrating the images they hear about from the read aloud.

Instead of creating a lair with Legos, Baby Girl drew a very fetching portrait…

…of old Mr. Smaug.

Giving your kiddos a creative outlet while they listen will only add to their vivid picture of the story at hand.


Only two more “Middle Earth Musings” posts left after this one!  Keep checking back in for more hobbit-tastic learning fun…