Middle Earth Musings, Part II: Hobbit Day

by Wonder Mom

This Saturday, September 22nd, is Hobbit Day– when all of us Shire-fans can celebrate the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

My family will be observing this holiday a bit later, since our schedule is jam-packed this weekend.  Therefore, I would like to provide a “party recipe” today to get your creative juices flowing in case you choose to celebrate Hobbit Day with your loved ones…

In my humble opinion, all parties need the following “ingredients” to be a success:

  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Games/Activities
  • Party Favors

Hobbit Party Decor for a Homey Hobbit Hole

To set the mood for a hobbit celebration, having the party outside would be a good start.  I could just picture an old tree stump surrounded by…


these little toadstools.

If you do not have a suitable outdoor party space, bring the outdoors inside.  Decorate with vases full of wildflowers and leaves.  You could even make the vase outdoorsy by…


…making a twig one like THIS.

Food Fit for Hobbit

Now we all know the importance of refreshments for any hobbit gathering, but a birthday party for two hobbits is in definite need of some special eats!  A birthday cake (or cupcakes) are a MUST for this party, and they can be simple and sweet.  If you wish, you can get much more involved and detailed with your cake by checking out Squiddo’s host of Hobbit cake ideas


…like these Gandalf’s Wizard Hat cupcakes.

Oh, and don’t forget the scones!  Check out…

THIS recipe for your “second breakfast.”

Serve other tasty Hobbit treats at your party, such as mushrooms, fish and chips, blackberries, honey cakes, and tea (of course!).  You can even eat like a hobbit throughout the day, if you wish, by have up to 7 different meals- just don’t expect this diet to be conducive to a trim waistline!  :0)

Hobbit Games and Activities

I believe Hobbits are playful creatures, so a game of horseshoes would be quite fun at the party.  (You can get a set of plastic horseshoes at retailers like Wal-Mart if you think your kiddos might injure themselves with a “real” set!) :0)

Or how about making a…

Smaug Pinata to bust open?  It could be filled with chocolate golden coins and fake jewels to represent the Dwarves’ treasure.

If you have any left over sparklers or fireworks from the 4th of July, these would add an extra special touch to the day’s festivities.  Gandalf was an expert in this field, remember?

I think a “Precious Ring Hunt” would be fun for the kiddos too.  You could hide several fake silver rings around the party area and one golden ring.  Whomever finds the golden “Precious” is the winner!

I would also have a riddle telling time, and include the riddles from The Hobbit.  Most kiddos enjoy a good guessing game- just don’t let them guess what is in your pocket!

Party Favors

You can’t leave a party without some sort of goody bag!  I am planning on getting my kiddos some type of …

…bubble pipe so they can blow “smoke rings” like Gandalf and Bilbo.  You can buy cheap sets at places like Party City or even make your own by using THIS tutorial.

Other ideas for party favors include chocolate golden coins (to represent the Dwarves’ treasure), plastic daggers (to represent “Sting”), handkerchiefs (something Bilbo is fond of), and…

Ring Pops (to represent the treasure and Gollum’s “Precious”).
The possibilities for a party like this are endless, so have fun, let your imagination run wild, and celebrate!

Next week, I should be POSTING ON TIME (sorry!) with Quiz and Discussion Questions you can use while reading The Hobbit.


You can read more about Wonder Mom and her homeschooling adventures with her three kiddos over on The Fantastic Five.

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