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June 5, 2012

East Tennessee Homeschool Co-op Info

by Shannon French

Just found this website, which lists some East Tennessee Homeschool Co-op resources.

It looks like The Edge co-op in Seymour, TN is doing a Summer registration.

Do you participate in a co-op?

Do you like co-ops?

My kids love co-op classes.  Me, not so much.  Because I’m an introvert.  And I have a hard time sticking to a five-day Sonlight program when one day a week is basically a divergence from schedule.  Maybe I should check into their four-day schedule.  But then I’d still be an introvert.  And I’d still not get any housework or much animal-care done on those days.  Oh yeah.  The farm thing.  That contributes to the being-away-from-the-house angst too.

An evening co-op would be cool.  Maybe.